Client Testimonials

It's not what we say, it's what we do that matters. However, when it comes to our clients, what they say about the PMRG experience does matter.

1)  "PM Realty Group sets the diamond standard in providing high quality customer service with an owner's perspective." -Wells Real Estate Funds

2)  "We place a premium on our relationships. Based upon our relationship with PM Realty Group, we knew that they had the right team who understood our ownership objectives and were the best choice to increase value at Hazard Center." -Principal Global Investors

3) "As an advisor to institutional investors, TMW Property Funds values the level of commitment that PM Realty Group provides to our assets in the way of enhanced quality control. There are certainly other lower cost providers but we feel that, with PM Realty Group, we have an alignment of interests in creating value for our investors through their numerous initiatives." -Prudential Real Estate Investors

4)  "PM Realty Group's professionalism and knowledge are top notch. However, the intangibles are what set the company's financial services apart from the rest. The team is attentive to our organization's needs, provide great customer service and have a great attitude." -Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.

5)  "We truly cannot imagine realizing this project without the integral involvement and assistance of PMRG's team of professionals.  Our reliance on them has allowed the members of our group to maintain an uninterrupted, full time medical practice." -Steven M. Katzman, M. D.

6)  "PMRG focused on the business of real estate while we focused on the business of healthcare." -Dr. Tom Sudela, Dr. Les Sandknop

7)  "On January 1, 2000 we turned 50 buildings in our Houston portfolio over to PMRG for leasing and management. It was a tremendous challenge, over the New Year holiday and Y2K, but they did it within our timeline of 60 days and did a great job. Not many other companies could have handled such an assignment. PM Realty Group now manages about 13 million nationally. PMRG has built a great team for us. They are flexible and willing to adapt their processes and procedures to our specific needs. Their services are the highest quality and the firm's focus is truly client-driven, putting my needs first. I would, and do, recommend them to any company looking for a first class firm to handle their building management or leasing." -KBS Realty Group

8)  "Because we believe in focusing on our core strengths, outsourcing is an important component of our business model. Our PMRG team has adapted their services to our specific needs, crafting solutions that add value, saving us time and money. We are exceptionally pleased with the work PM Realty Group does for our bank and view them as a firm whose contributions have supported our growth and expansion. We look forward to the continuation of this partnership as Amegy Bank enters our next phase of development." -Amegy Bank of Texas

9)  "In 2003 we decided to turn over the management of our entire office portfolio - 10 buildings located across Houston - to PM Realty Group. Since that time we have also turned over our industrial portfolio, which is approximately 1,500,000 sq. ft., and retained PMRG in six more markets across the country. Our PMRG team is excellent at what they do and they have our interests at heart. If we are expanding into a market where working with PM Realty Group is an option, they are at the top of my list." -Capital Commercial Investments, Inc

10)  "We have worked with PM Realty Group for over three years, and we get the attention and resources we need to get the job done. PM Realty Group consistently provides us with a team of experienced and extremely capable people who work to exceed our expectation. I would recommend them without reservation." -CMD Realty Investors

11)  "PM Realty Group manages our entire portfolio and they do an excellent job. We see our relationship with PM as a partnership, and I know they do, too. Their focus on performance and adding value positively affects the performance of our real estate assets. We selected PM Realty Group because they are the largest, with the most experience and expertise. We have kept them because they are the best." -The Woodlands Development Company

12)  "We decided that PM Realty Group could combine national property management expertise with local market leasing experience. We interviewed several firms, PM Realty Group committed the necessary engineering muscle and know-how from their national operational and engineering base of facilities management business. I knew several of their people and valued the company's reputation for performance. Their commitment to an on-site leasing presence sealed the deal." -PRG Realty Partners

13)  "I have worked with PM Realty Group in both the leasing and management of office buildings and would recommend them without hesitation. The PMRG team is constantly in touch with the market; they know where the market is going and what is possible to make happen. When they manage one of our properties, I know that they will work at improving operations, lowering costs and improving my bottom line. I recommend them without hesitation." -Prudential Real Estate Investors

14)  "The tasks provided by PM Realty Group are difficult and tedious, for both the operations of the projects and back office accounting, and the services have been nothing but excellent. They are wonderful to work with as they are professional, flexible, forthcoming with potential issues and solutions-oriented."  -WCB Properties

15)  "We initially selected PM Realty Group's Atlanta office to handle three buildings - about 289,000 sf. These were part of a 27 building portfolio we had just purchased. Based on their success with those buildings, we gave them management assignments in an additional 11 buildings in our portfolio - from Virginia to Florida. They have done the same outstanding job with those buildings, as well. We pay a lot of attention to operating costs. If we can keep costs down, we keep tenants longer, maintain our margins, and enhance the value of the assets. Because PM understands that, I would recommend them to any asset owner looking for a property management firm that delivers exceptional service and value." -Lexington Corporate Properties

16)  "For over a decade, PM Realty Group has managed a portfolio of properties located throughout the United States for Sumitomo Life Realty (N.Y.), Inc., including One Atlantic Center, a 50-story, 1.2 million-square-foot icon office building located in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. Consistently throughout this time period, PMRG has provided exemplary property management services that have made a real difference in the efficiency and profitability of the properties owned by Sumitomo. During my 23-year career in commercial real estate, I haven't encountered another real estate service provider whose abilities match those of PMRG. Their exceptional on-site people and senior managers, coupled with their phenomenal systems, make this company literally the best of the best. I would strongly recommend PMRG to any owner or asset manager looking for a property management firm that can drive results to the bottom line and understands that Performance Matters." -Sumitomo Life Realty (N.Y.), Inc.

17)  "We selected PM Realty Group to manage City Financial Tower, and we are exceptionally pleased with the work they do for us. They are a first-class management firm and their staff is diligent in providing a high level of tenant satisfaction while maintaining operating expenses at a competitive level. Our relationship with PM Realty Group is truly one of a trusted partnership, and they are without a doubt the very best at what they do." -Heitman Capital Management

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