Risk Management

Not only do real estate owners face everyday "bricks and mortar" risks such as natural disasters, they also face more complex challenges like environmental conditions, contractual obligations and health, safety and regulatory requirements. The bottom line: the ever-changing nature of our industry is bound to produce new risks that must be dealt with, and dealt with swiftly and adequately.

At PMRG, risk management plays a critical role in measuring the success of your real estate investments and, as such, we embrace the philosophy of enterprise risk management.  We deliver value to our clients by working hard to understand risks, at all levels, and develop plans that very simply identify, measure, monitor and "manage" risks that are material to your investment and operational goals.  PMRG's corporate risk management team provides a framework of insurance programs, health, safety and environmental standards, contract analysis and expert resources to positively impact hazard, operational, and strategic risk identification and management. Safe work practice training and risk recognition by employees and contractors are the backbone for our successful program.

Investment in real estate requires a commitment of significant resources and professional expertise.  PMRG partners with our clients through mutual respect and open dialogue to achieve the risk results our clients expect.

Now, more than ever, put our real estate expertise to work for you.