Medical Office

PMRG specializes in the management, leasing, development, acquisition, and strategic review of healthcare real estate. PMRG has been involved with healthcare real estate since 1962. We have worked with more than 125 hospitals; managed, leased or owned more than 15 million square feet of healthcare real estate; and negotiated more than 3,000 physician leases. PMRG offers our clients an array of specialized real estate solutions for the healthcare industry, customized to meet their requirements with a track record of assuring and enhancing physician tenant satisfaction.

PMRG partners with our healthcare clients to deliver safe, efficient and best-in-class service to our customers and clients. Because managing buildings is our core discipline, we draw upon years of experience to identify and focus on the individual goals of our partners. Then, working with the healthcare system or hospital, we devise a strategy that unlocks needed capital, frees executives to focus on core operations, and helps the organization realize its fullest financial potential.

PMRG's medical team analyzes the impact of your real estate decisions from a variety of perspectives: patient services, physician requirements, operating performance, long-term facility requirements, and overall financial viability. Then we offer experience-based and resource-backed solutions to your medical real estate needs.

We are trusted by hospitals to manage their medical office buildings, which few real estate companies can say.

Now, more than ever, put our real estate expertise to work for you.

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