Through our experience, PMRG has learned that success in mixed use projects is not easy and does not lend itself to a formulaic approach as in many single use projects.  Uses must be marketable in their own right, phased at the right time and work together synergistically.  We recognize pedestrian circulation and orientation are critical elements to achieving a cohesive sense of place when incorporating retail, residential, and office uses within one development. 

To address the unique aspects found in a mixed use project, PMRG appoints a project team inclusive of urban planners, architects, engineers, construction managers, leasing experts, and commercial real estate professionals experienced in all commercial property uses.  Our collective experience across multiple disciplines provides us with the ability to successfully develop mixed-use combinations.   When these individual property types are expertly woven together, the resultant combination is even better than the individual parts.  

PMRG's core development competencies are as follows:

•    Definition of Need / Highest and Best-Use
•    Site Selection, Acquisition, Due Diligence, and Master-Planning
•    Evaluation and Procurement of Appropriate Zoning and Entitlements
•    Identification, Engagement and Coordination of Architects, Engineers and Consultants
•    Budget Preparation, Controlling and Monitoring of Costs
•    Investment Underwriting and Structuring the Financial Transaction
•    Consultation with Accountants, Attorneys and Specialists
•    Procurement of Debt and Equity
•    Preparation of Financial and Marketing Packages
•    Coordination and Direction of the Design/Development Process
•    Construction Administration

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